5 Fashion Designers you need to know from Lagos fashion week 2022

Lagos fashion week ended in an exciting mode where African creatives, fashion industry experts, professionals, trendsetters, stylists, models, and designers from all parts of the world at the event showcased their collections, and were encouraged to create socially, economically, and sustainable fashion brands that make them stand out. It took place on Oct. 26-29th, 2022. 

Lagos Fashion Week has become an annual hub since its inception in 2011 to bringing fashionistas from all parts of the world to feed their eyes with new creativity, learn the latest fashion trends, and collaborate with experts in the industry both home and international brands with an environment that provides an incredible spot for taking breath-taking photos, videos and imprinting remarkable memories in the minds of the audience. 

This year was such a banger because some collaborative efforts were put into place to support and deliver an environment that regards creativity and beautification in the eyes of the beholder; Lush Hair, Bestseller Foundation, Tecno, and Style House Files worked hand-in-hand with Heineken Lagos Fashion Week to deliver and unravel hidden beauties in African culture and crafts with the sole aim of showcasing Africa fashion collections, and emerging creative design on a global platform. 

In Nigeria, 58 designers participated in #LFW which ended on Sunday. Designers like Andrea Iyamah, Desire Iyamah, Emmy Kasibit, Kadiju, Bunmi, Tia Adeola, and lots more. 

Lagos Fashion week 2022 - Andrea Iyama

 Andrea Iyamah a fashion tycoon graced the runway with eccentric collections inspired by an array of African cultures to showcase unique wears that are standard, ooze versatility, and can be worn straight from the beach to the street. Stand-out features include vibrant digital prints and unique cut-out silhouettes.


Lagos fashion week 2022


lagos fashion week 2022 

The "Why Not Now" collection by Desire Iyama worked the runway by conjuring colors, highlighting curves in the designs, and highlighting stunning neckline detailing. This year’s collections were highly inspired by love, joy, and femininity.  Red, pink, blue, white, and lemon made up the dominant color scheme of her work, which demonstrates tranquility and confidence.

lagos fashion week 2022Emmy Kasbit's a returnee designer, made a comeback this season with thirty vibrant pieces for their Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

His pieces stood out at the event because his crafts were timeless pieces for an unconventional man. His collections were jawbreaking because they were done out of a passion to dress unconventional men and women with fierce sartorial instincts. Emmy Kasbit 


lagos fashion week 2022Kadiju launched the runway displays with a rich assortment that reflected the brand's development since its inception. Soft colors, contemporary silhouettes, and comfortable and textured fabrics are featured in these collections. Kadiju is a women's apparel brand with headquarters in Lagos that aims to reinvent sartorial beauty through maximalist designs and ethical manufacturing. Their goal is to create pieces that evoke feel-good and confidence through carefully made clothes. 


lagos fashion week 2022

Tia Adeola's a Nigerian-American designer whose work depicts collections born of her love and hope for her country, Nigeria. She opened her show with a ballad dance. Green, white, and black made up the dominant color scheme of her work, which also has feather embellishments, transparent materials, and cityscape patterns.

Many other designers showcased their craft, intending to expand African culture. After seeing some amazing pieces that stood out, I believe that in order for fashion to be embraced, we as creatives must explore, learn from other fashion enthusiasts, and be creative and original in our designs in order to deliver excellent results. 


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