6 Questions Answered: The Best Money-Saving Tips About Press-On Nails On A Budget

I want all the gorgeous nails, with none of the commitment.”

Press on nails

So What Are Press-on Nails? 


Press-on nails are artificial nails with pre-made designs on them, they are known as glue-on nails or instant nails and are usually made of acrylic or plastic.

FAQ’s about press on nails

How do I know my size?

Our sets includes 20 to 24 nails so that you can easily find 10 that will fit all your nail beds perfectly.


How Long Do Press-on Nails Last?

-Press-on nails (applied with glue) can last up to two weeks. The key to make press-on nails last longer is proper preparation and care. That is, filing your nails before application and applying enough glue

-Press on nails (applied with adhesive tabs) can last a day or 2. Most people use this for when they just need the nails for an event and want to take it off immediately after, once taken off the nails can be reused again for another event and can be reused again and again till the nails get worn out.


Do Press-on Nails Damage Your Real Nails? 

Not atall, press-on nails will not damage your real nails, especially if you follow the proper application and removal processes. Press on nails are the safest options for your nails.


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How do I Apply Press-on Nails? 

Press-on nails usually come in kits which include either nail glue or adhesive tabs and nail file

 Below are the steps to give yourself a press-on manicure:

Step 1: Pick the right nail for each one of your fingers.

Step 2: (This step is optional) File the nails down for length and shape if needed.

Step 3: Remove any left-over nail polish or residue off your nails and wash your hands thoroughly.

Step 4: Buff your own nails (This is key to making the nails stay on longer)

Step 5: Wash your hands again

Step 6: You are ready to apply your nails. Make sure to start from your pinkies and work your way in. Always leave your thumbs for last.  And you’re done!

Tip: For nails applied with adhesive tabs, avoid contact with water while wearing the nails till you want to take them off.

How to Remove Press-on Nails applied with adhesive tabs

Simply soak your fingers in warm water for about 2 mins, this will weaken the adhesive then you can gently remove the nails


How to Remove Press-on Nails applied with Glue

Cuticle Oil Method:

Use a queue tip to apply cuticle oil to your fingers all around the nail. A cotton ball soaked in cuticle oil works just as well. Let it work on your nails for a few minutes and the nails will come off pretty easily. 

10 reasons why we love press on nails and why you will too:

-First of all, press-on nails are extremely affordable.

-Applying them is quick and effortless.

-They’re re-useable making them last till you get tired of them.

-The designs on the nails are made flawlessly. And if one pops off prematurely, you can clean it, file down the edges, and glue it right back.

-Your natural nails are much safer underneath press-ons.

-You can explore different nail personalities without a splurge or commitment.

-It takes less than 10 minutes to apply press on nails which makes getting ready for an even a snap. Having said that, you might take longer the first couple of times, but not by much.

-You can literally take them off after your event and let your natural nails breathe. And you can reuse them again for another event. (When applied with adhesive tabs)

-They are super-duper easy to remove without causing any nail damage.

-You don’t have to worry about your nail size when purchasing, our press on nails are always between 20 to 24 nails in a set giving you a wide range to find a perfect fit for each finger nail.


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All our press-on nails and other products are packaged with love and shipped from Lagos, Nigeria.

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