Why you need Anti blue light glasses

You might be wondering what anti-blue glasses are used for.

Blue light is emitted by LED lights and digital screens such as TVs, laptops, phones, and tablets and also the sun. Overexposure to blue light, particularly at night, can be harmful to the eyes.

Our blue light-blocking glasses are designed with a lens structure that prevents the majority of blue light from passing through and reaching your eyes. One of the best ways to limit your exposure is to reduce your screen time, use "night mode" on your devices, and wear blue light-blocking glasses.

Constant exposure to blue light from digital devices may cause effects such as minor headaches and eye fatigue. Even small children are subjected to tablet screens, which may be harmful to their developing eyes.

There are several stores, both offline and online in which you can purchase blue light-blocking glasses in Nigeria. 

Anti Blue light glasses Nigeria

The Anti-Blue Light Metal Frame Glasses from All Things Chic is designed with an anti-blue light lens that filters certain high-energy visual (HEV) light from digital screens and helps improve tired eyes, blurred vision, and sleep issues.

Its metal frame and nose bridge are free, flexible and durable. The glasses work well with all digital screens, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and desktop PCs.

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