Guest post: I tried the popular lash glue liner from All Things Chic

My name is Vivian. I’m a beauty content creator. Find me on Instagram and on YouTube.

I love to play with unconventional hair colours, create fun make-up videos, try beauty products and give reviews. When I came across this lash glue liner by All Things Chic, I just had to try it and here are some reasons why you should too.

I would consider myself a pro at applying eyelashes but this glue liner makes the application a whole lot easier. The video below shows how I applied my lashes using the liner in less than a minute.

I got the glue liner in black and transparent because the black version doubles as an eyeliner and can be worn on its own without lashes while the transparent is perfect for lashes with transparent bands. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I love wearing transparent lashes when I want a simple or natural make-up look, it is literally undetectable! 

 Another reason why I love this liner is the fact that is gentle on the eyes, causes no irritation and has a minimal drying time. So if you’re someone who has sensitive skin like me, this is something you should always consider when buying eye products and facial products. 

 A quicker way to apply the lash glue liner is to skip applying it to the lashes and only apply it to the base of your eyelid and stick the lashes on.

My favourite feature about the product is that it lasts all day and doesn’t have a clumpy look at all. As you can see in my pictures, it applies seamlessly. Honestly, since I started using the lash glue liner, I have not felt the need to use my other lash glues or try new ones because it does the job just how I need it to.

Eyelash glue liner

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