How to apply eyelashes like a pro


Applying eyelashes can be quite a hassle, especially for beginners. But do not fret; with these steps and a little practice, you’d be on your way to becoming a pro!


Step 1: 

Get your materials ready; your lashes, a good adhesive, eyelash applicator and a scissors. When it comes to lash glue, getting a good one solves half of your application problems. We recommend using our lash glue liners.


Step 2:

Trim your false eyelashes to the appropriate length. Most lashes would be longer than your eyes so be sure to trim off the excess at the end of the eyelash (it’s best to trim off the outer side of the eyelash and not the inner side)

False eyelashes should extend 3/4 of the way from the outside corner of the eye to the inside corner. In this way, the lash will look natural and blend in with your natural lashes.


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Step 3:

Apply a layer of glue to your false eyelash, (but if you’re using the lash glue liner, apply the glue as close to your lash line as possible) Now, WAIT! Wait for some seconds before trying to adhere the lash to your eyelid. This allows the glue to become "tacky". Applying your false eyelash too early will create a slippery mess.


Step 4:

Apply your lashes with a tweezer or eyelash applicator. Grip the false eyelash close to the base and gently place it as close to your natural lash-line as possible. Once the false eyelash is positioned, press the lash gently into your eyelid to secure the glue. Be sure to press in the middle and on both ends.


And now you’re done with the application.

With these four easy steps, you're sure to be a pro in no time! So, don't be afraid to buy those eyelashes you like. 


An extra tip:

It is best not to put products such as mascara and eyeshadow on your lashes. There is no need for mascara on the lashes, as they are naturally black, fuller, and longer than your natural lashes. A great way to avoid getting any unnecessary eyeliner or eyeshadow on your mink lashes is to apply them after all of your other makeup products have been applied and set.

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