How to care for your handbags


Every lady owns a well-structured bag in her closet. With good care and maintenance, a good bag could last for years. 

However, how you care for your bag is also directly related to how long it can last.

Here are a few tips on how to care for your handbag.

How to store your handbag:

  1. Keep your bags stuffed while you're not using it, this helps to maintain its shape better.
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight while not in use
  3. Do store in its storage pouch if the bag originally came with one or can be stored in any dust bag.
  4. Refrain from hanging your bags as this will distort the shape of the handles. Its best to place them on shelves or flat surfaces.
  5. Avoid storing bags in a box, lack of air movement can create gold and mildew.


How to clean your hand bag:

  1. Avoid using baby wipes which include alcohol, vinegar or any other home remedy for cleaning or stain removal. These products usually have chemicals and substances in them that can cause damage to the colour, dry the material out and a number of other problems.
  2. The key to removing ink mark is to treat them straight away using an eraser
  3. Never use water on grease stains
  4. Use a professional cleaning agent on tougher dirt, these creams usually don't need to be rinsed out and give better results


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  • Tiwalayo

    Hiii! I have a question!
    How do I stop my leather bags from peeling??😭 it’s so annoying dropping a really good bag just because of that

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