How to wear press on nails

PREP: Clean nails with alcohol pads or wash hands thoroughly with soap and wipe dry, select correct nail size for each finger and set the nails aside in order.



  • Buff your natural nails and wipe clean
  • Apply the adhesive tabs to your natural nails, press, smoothen and peel off the film.
  • Align the artificial nails with your cuticle and press down firmly starting at the middle then each side.

Tip: For best wear, press nails down severally and avoid contact with water for the first two  hours

Removal: Soak fingers in warm water for 5minutes and gently peel off the nails.

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  • Buff your natural nails and wipe clean
  • Apply glue to the back of your artificial nail.
  • Apply glue to your natural nail and artificial nails. 
  • Align with your cuticle, gently press and hold for some seconds.

4. Once dry, shape artificial nails as desired with nail file provided. (Optional)



Please do not apply on infected, damaged, thin or easily fractured nails and keep it away from children

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