Statement Earrings from ₦1500

Stand out from the crowd with statement earrings

Even the most basic outfits can be enhanced and accessorised with a pair of bold earrings. 


Here are some kinds of statement earrings to obsess over:

1. Rhinestone earrings

This is a popular favourite. With rhinestone earrings, you're sure to be glistening. And you know what they say....go big or go home!. Here are a few of our favourite styles right now.

Rhinestone statement earrings in Lagos, Nigeria

2. Hoop earrings

Right after rhinestone earrings comes hoops. Hoop earrings are timeless fashion accessory staples which every woman should have in her jewelry box. Hoop earrings could come in various designs, such as plain, with geometric designs or even with pearls. 

Hoop pearl statement earrings

3. Acrylic earrings

These kind of earrings are not essentially new but started trending again in 2022 which is what makes it a part of this list. Acrylic earrings are usually super lightweight yet beautiful, stylish and budget-friendly.

Statement acrylic earrings in lagos, Nigeria


4. Abstract earrings 

Opt for a more artistic look with abstract earrings. They mimic the contour of the face, and the design's sleek lines give off a captivating contemporary look.

Face outline abstract sillouette trendy earring

Tips for wearing statement earrings:

1. Avoid combining both a statement necklace and statement earrings. It will be a bit excessive. Either don't wear a necklace at all, or wear something small!

2. To really flaunt them, wear your hair half up or completely up! Don’t let them get hidden by wearing your hair down.

3. Try to avoid wearing heavy earrings, as they may pull/expand your earlobes.

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