Most people have their go to nail style and some other like to get experimental but life is too short to have boring nails, a manicure adds an extra boost to complete your look. If you feel like opting for press on nails, acrylic nails or gel, you can’t go wrong with staying on trend. Here are the top 5 nail trends for 2021.


French tips with an update

Of course this had to be number 1 on the list. French tips have been popular since the 80’s. It’s the go-to for most women and there are currently so many variations to the classic French tip.


Long French tip press on nails by all things chic



Holographic nails

Loved by many, the holographic nail trend is one that’s here to stay. Bored of your favourite nail colour? Just make it holographic!





Multicolored nails

Everyone's been there, you have a range of colours to select from but you just can't make up your mind. Well, this trend has you covered, you can now wear them all. Take your look to the next level with an explosion of colours, you might just love it.

Multicoloured press on nails by all things chic



Mixed nail shapes

Why stick to one nail shape when you could have 2 or more on at the same time? There are no rules when it comes to nails. If it looks cute, it’s good to go.


Coffin and stiletto press on nail shapes by all things chic



Velvet finish

Velvet nails look matte but the real difference is felt when the nails are touched.

Snake print velvet press on nails by all things chic

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