Your go to nails says a lot about you, what type of press nail on babe are you? Find out in this post.


Stiletto Nails

You are daring, always up for a challenge and love being in the spotlight. You like to show creativity in everything you do.


Coffin Nails

You are for the soft life. You don't experiment a lot and you have your go-to routine. Whether long or short, you still want to keep it simple but elegant.


Square Nails

You are strong, bold and possess leadership qualities. You like things to be neat and organised. You are a certified diva!


Squoval Nails

You are not a big fan of experiments so you like to keep your nails stylish yet elegant. You are ambitious and have an assertive behaviour.


Almond Nails

You are unique and love modern looks. Tapping into your feminine energy is important to you.


Oval Nails

You are elegant and classy. You might always want to move towards the shorter version of nails but it still suits you.

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